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MIDEL eN is our natural ester-based dielectric fluid which is suitable for sealed electrical equipment or equipment fitted with a bagged conservator. In particular it is ideal for installations in temperate locations or indoors.

Natural esters or vegetable oils as they can also be known, are a group of materials directly derived from renewable plant sources. In the case of MIDEL eN the source material is rapeseed oil. Since their introduction in the 1990’s natural esters have primarily been used in distribution transformers. Nowadays natural esters are successfully being applied to large power transformers.

MIDEL eN is an excellent dielectric fluid because it has a high fire point making it far more fire safe than mineral oil. It is also one of the most environmentally friendly dielectric fluids available. Not only is MIDEL eN manufactured using renewable vegetable oil, it is also non-toxic and readily biodegradable. In addition, MIDEL eN offers superior moisture tolerance and it has the potential to increase the lifetime of cellulose based solid insulation, which can extend the life of the transformer.

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