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Krempel UK Ltd


Tel: 01772 783 011 | Fax: 01772 784 200
Contact: Mr. Phil Taberner

Manufacturers of Electrical Insulation materials with a wide range of Class F and H products including;

• Novobond & KREMICA.therm (resin rich micapaper composites).
• Novopore & KREMICA.por (micapaper composites for VPI processes).
• Novofilm & KREMICA.therm (polyester film backed resin rich micapaper composites).
• Conductobond & KREMICA.flex (polyester film micapaper composites for conductor insulation).
• Hypertex F & Trivoltherm P (DMD composites).
• Hypertherm F & Trivoltherm N (Nomex polyester film composites). Polyrod pultruded sections (eg: wedges).
• Polyrod (pultruded sections eg: wedges, tubes and profiles).
• Hyperfil (epoxy and silicone preimpregnated glass fabrics).
• Hyperten 2000HP & Hyperten 300ZF (moisture resistent glass banding tapes).
• Hyperseal (sealing tapes).
• Thermoseal (high temperature glass fibre seals).
• Vidatape (woven glass and polyester tapes).
• Vidacord (braided glass and polyester bracing cords).
• Vidaflex insulated sleevings complying with BS, NEMA, UL and CSA specifications.
• Pressboard/Paper (Cellulose paper and boards including diamond dotted and fabricated transformer spacers).
• Pregnit R (Conductive tapes, laminates and ripple springs).
• Akasic 4b (B staged stress grading tape).

Stockist throughout UK and EU.

All Krempel manufacturing plants are ISO 9001 certified. Some divisions are certified according to EN 9100 and IATF 16949

Authorised distributor and global partner of DuPont™

Krempel UK Ltd

Queen Street