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Bastion Glassfibre Rod & Sections Ltd.

Tel: 0191 416 6394 | Fax: 0191 416 4961
Contact: Mr. Jeff Redmayne

Bastion are leaders in the pultrusion of epoxy bonded glassfibre reinforced rods and sections, pultruding rods in all diameters from 1.6mm to 75mmdiameter and a cross sectional area of 4000mm. We manufacture a unique series of tie rods by crimping metallic ending fittings onto our pultruded rods realising an ultimate failure load of the crimped joint of 40 tonnes on the larger tie rods.

Using our rods and crimping technology we have created a range of silicone rubber covered insulators for a range of low voltage AC and DC applications Within the switchgear and railway electrification industries.

Bastion Glassfibre Rod & Sections Ltd.
12 Harvey Close
Crowther Industrial Estate, District 3
Tyne & Wear
NE38 0AB