The Electrical Insulation Association UK

A Forum in which member companies can exchange views on matters of mutual interest

FRIDAY 25th APRIL 2014

The EIA held its Annual General Meeting at the Thistle Hotel, Haydock Park commencing at 2.30 pm.  The agenda included a new item entitled “Forum” which was intended to provide an opportunity for Members to share information on issues commonly experienced in industry.  The first subject was introduced by Tony Greenfield on absenteeism, which proved to be provocative and illuminating.

At the end of normal business, the Eddie Porter Trophy for the Annual EIA Golf Competition was presented to Steve Nolan of UK Insulations Ltd.
After a short break, the Tom Eland Memorial Lecture was given by Mr Ian Ellerington from the Innovation team at the Department of Energy and Climate Change.  He gave a fascinating and absorbing talk on the work of his department and dispelled many myths published in the press which had been strong on impact but weak on fact.

As usual, an evening dinner was arranged for Members on a complimentary basis.   Overnight accommodation for members was also paid for by the EIA.

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